2017 – Greeting from David and Jeanne

Posted on Jan 05 2017 by Gary Mason

David & Jeanne McGrew

You may download the video here 2017 – Greeting from David and Jeanne

David and Jeanne McGrew pastor of Keystone Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia and David is the National President of CFCM.

Find out more about Keystone Victoria by clicking here.


2 Responses to “2017 – Greeting from David and Jeanne”

  1. Well kingdom blessings to David: Aswell, to your lovely wife; And of course to the wider church family!
    It is indeed a blessing to receive your message for 2017.

    Entirely appropriate; particularly because of the period we are about to enter into……
    This certainly is an encouragement to me: Having gone through so many hits personally; the last of which, was the death of my mother over the holidays!

    I am expecting a season of uncommon favour….. but, I do want to make an appeal: for prayer for my wife; my self, and the Mills family.

    Personally, I do feel the need for a spiritual reset !!!
    Thank you once again, for the message…… God’s richest blessings on you both for 2017 and beyond.

    Your brother in christ:
    Vernon Mills

    17 Jan 2017 at 7:41 pm

  2. Martina Gibbons

    Greetings to you and a very Happy New Year. May God extend and expand all of your undertakings this year and I pray a special increase in your finances in 2017. I believe it is our set time and for major breakthroughs in the Kingdom of God.

    I am late in responding as I was away but my love and appreciation to you – with prayers and best wishes – are no less sincere. Thank you for your wisdom and direction at CFCM.

    Be blessed every day this year in Jesus’ Name.

    Martina Gibbons

    18 Jan 2017 at 8:18 am

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