2017 – National Conference – Honour

Posted on Mar 14 2017 by Gary Mason

You won’t want to miss this one…



Hello everyone, we wanted to bring you up to speed on the plans for our National Conference.  This year’s location will be Prince Albert, SK with speaker Bishop Tony Miller and our theme will be, “Honour”.  Also, please make special note of the change of dates, we will be getting together a little later in the month than usual October 24-26.

Again, we wanted to get this information out to you as soon as possible for your plans and we will follow this up with more information on hotels and other details in the days ahead.

You may download the video here if needed 2017 National Conference Announcement

David and Jeanne McGrew pastor of Keystone Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia and David is the National President of CFCM.

Find out more about Keystone Victoria by clicking here.


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  1. michel gauvreau

    I saw your promo-video about your next conf in october and I just want to tell you that I miss those gathering and all the friends that we have thru CFCM – love you so much – God bless all of you my friends…. Your belove brother & sister Michel & Manon

    06 May 2017 at 8:03 pm

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