2018 CFCM National Conference/Toronto – Audio

Posted on Oct 31 2018 by Gary Mason

You’ve been watching for it and we have it here for you.

 For this year’s audio click here…

One of the yearly highlights for us in CFCM is the rich content of messages spoken by many speakers and through panel discussions at the National Conference.   This year in Toronto was no exception and many of you asked about getting copies of the audio.  We are glad to post them here for you to listen to and share with your teams and others who were not able to attend.

We began Tuesday morning, with a number of guests sharing about the intersection of our faith and the technology of our day and the possibilities of using that technology to further the Kingdom of God.  They also helped us to see some ways in which we could help people in our churches understand how to release their personal gifts for Kingdom purposes.  We wrapped up our first day in the evening session with a great message from Matt Tapley reminding us that every truth in God’s Word is held in tension and that wherever we are, God is there and He is at work.

Moving on to Wednesday morning, Len Zoeteman talked about the cry of our society to know what real love is and showing how we find it in our heavenly Father’s Heart.  And then Marc Brule helped us realize that true substance is the key to reaching the world and with God’s love we have that substance to help people move from being consumers to producers for God.  The morning ended with a panel session helping us to take the true substance of the Father’s heart of love and use that to engage with our communities.  In the evening we finished the second day with a powerful message from Kyle Horner sharing how culture trumps vision and we can celebrate the moments but remember that we are a part of a movement.

Thursday, our final day together, started with our newest National Director Jonathan Bounds saying, “You don’t have to be dead to be resurrected”, and sharing how as our minds are renewed to a new way of thinking we need to be sure to move in the new direction God has shown us.  Wendy Hoffman followed with a great word on finding life balance and how it can help us to “Make Room for the Extraordinary.”  Our final session of the morning with Kyle Horner asked the question what does a healthy Christian look like?  He spoke about helping people to live lives of significance both inside and outside the walls of the church.  We wrapped up the conference Thursday evening as Kyle Horner shared about not just being giant killers ourselves, but how to recognize leaders in our ministries and help them to become giant killers and take ground for the Kingdom.

We know that you will be blessed and challenged as you listen to these messages.

 For this year’s audio click here…