Covid-19 Resource Center – Reposted

Posted on Apr 08 2020 by Gary Mason

Check back to this page and click on the link often to see updates that have been added to the document.

Hello Everyone,


One of our OBFF friends, Brendan Witton, has compiled an attached resource document you will find helpful in the information maze we now find ourselves in. Covid-19 and the ever changing, layered, government communications around it, require us to stay informed so please avail yourself to all the outside help you need.We must all learn, adapt and change to stay spiritually relevant in a frightened world.

To receive your personal copy of the Covid-19 Online Resource Document please click here. This living google document wont stop with virus information but is intended to be updated and expanded into other areas as we all negotiate together the changing landscape ahead of us. It’s clear to us all now that it’s going to be both an extremely challenging, yet expanding, year for the church. While we are all sorry for the stress and loss, we can’t help but be excited for the churches growing effectiveness in our nation.



Be strong, stay in faith – you’re called to be here and be here together with us all, as one man presenting the Lord Jesus Christ as the answer for all of life’s needs.  This is what you were built for.



David McGrew



Online resource page

This resource sheet is designed to connect you with articles, tools and resources to help your church and/or ministry in this season. We will be regularly updating it with more information so check back regularly. (If you have something you would like to suggest please email or