About Us

Fellowship versus Denomination

CFCM is a Canadian ministry fellowship whose aim it is to promote unity, fellowship and strength in the Body of Christ through the “local church”. We see the strength of our organization in the strength of each of our individual members, thus our primary role is one of underpinning the local church in what God has called it to do. We therefore find ourselves being somewhat different from a denomination in our approach to working with our members. Where some ministry organizations are modelled in a top-down management style whereby they establish the policy, theology and doctrine of the local church, our model is one of a bottom-up, under-girding approach through which we provide support, fellowship and resources to the local church and its leadership in the ministry that God has called them to. We believe that this bottom-up, under-girding of the local church is the true form of Apostolic/Servant leadership that we see modelled all throughout the bible.

Although our structure is modelled on the bottom up approach, we still believe that to be in authority, you must be under authority. Thus, as a ministry, we require that all of our members provide a written recommendation from their “Sponsor” which attests to their character, their beliefs, their values and their accountability to that individual. We also require that this sponsor’s recommendation be updated on a regular basis to ensure that Godly accountability and Godly authority are always a part of our member’s lives and ministries.

In our fellowship, you will find three levels of ministry recognition; that being “Recognized”, “Licensed” and “Ordained”. The highest ministry level being that of “Ordained” which is the level all of our members are required to attain in order to be registered with the appropriate provincial government. More information on the requirements to meet these three levels of ministry can be found on our Membership Info page. As mentioned in our home page, the recognition of the autonomy and authority of the local church, and its leadership, is one of the foundational principles of CFCM. This being the case, CFCM does not actually “Ordain” or set individuals into the ministry. We recognize that Ordination is the rite and authority of the local church. Therefore, for the purposes of registering an individual with the appropriate provincial government department for the solemnizing of marriages, we simply recognize the ordination of an individual that has already taken place within the local church setting.

The Corporate Church

CFCM believes that all born again believers, regardless of denomination or background, form the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ here upon the earth. We believe there is an entity much larger and more spiritually powerful than the local church which we call the “Corporate Church”. We sincerely believe that unity in spirit and co-operation between the various churches and Christian ministry fellowships and denominations is God’s will for His “Corporate Church”. This does not require the dissolution of denominations, nor that anyone be called to compromise their biblical belief, but merely that we recognize that God has sheep other than those of our own flock. Just as Israel was one nation with twelve tribes, so the Church of Jesus Christ is One Church, but composed of many diverse groups, each playing a vital role in fulfilling the Lord’s plan for His people.

At CFCM we believe strongly in supporting our fellow ministry organizations, denominations and churches in that which God has called them to do. Rather than dividing over our differences, we believe in celebrating the uniqueness of our individual corporate identities and holding to the principle that we are all here with a specific purpose and plan that comes directly from the heart of God. As the Prophet Jeremiah said in Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV), “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Thus, we at CFCM find ourselves spiritually and physically connected to many other Christian fellowships, denominations and organizations across Canada and around the world who share this same love for Jesus Christ and His Church.