Values & Vision

The following are excerpts from the June 2006 and November 2006 Mission, Values & Vision statements. We strongly encourage you to read, or to print the full documents which can be done by clicking on the link at the end of each of the excerpts.

Mission, Values & Vision – June 2006

  • CFCM is called to be, and to embrace, an apostolic/prophetic foundation as we read in Ephesians 2:20 and Ephesians 4:11-16.
  • The affirmation that CFCM is truly an apostolic organization, recognizing and empowering the complete five-fold ministry in our midst, will release the organization into a new dimension of the government of God in our nation.
  • CFCM will begin to work intentionally toward the integration of two and eventually three generations of ministry in the scope of our vision.
  • It is not just the man that is called into ministry but the entire family, and particularly the husband and wife together.
  • True apostolic ministry recognizes and supports the role of women in ministry. In this next phase of CFCM’s development we will begin to see the embracing and empowering of women in ministry.
  • Local churches are to be self-governing in every respect including their internal government and utilization of resources.
  • CFCM is deeply committed to ensuring that all members of the five-fold ministry have an appropriate degree of accountability to their lives, to both protect themselves and the ones they are called to serve.
  • While CFCM has strongly stood for the local church, we also see that the next frontier will be that of the marketplace.
  • Another dimension of apostolic ministry will be how we transition from the largely theocratic role of the pastor to a cluster anointing, embracing a five-fold ministry led by an apostolic leader.
  • Apostolic ministry is primarily about liberty and release, not control.

Download the complete June 2006 PDF document.

Mission, Values & Vision – November 2006

  • CFCM is committed to establish growing, prevailing, and reproducing churches through five-fold ministry; interconnected through a decentralized national apostolic network of churches and ministers, with the intent to participate in the transformation of our communities, cities, and nation through the spirit of unity within the body of Christ.
  • We believe the apostolic looks like a family where the parents provide a safe nurturing environment, upon which the family is raised and flourishes in the Lord.
  • CFCM exists to foster apostolic development at the grass roots level, and on a decentralized basis.
  • We are strongly committed to the building of a “team ministry” paradigm, rather than a single leader approach to ministry.
  • We must be committed to the broader transformation of the community we dwell in, as well as building growing, prevailing and reproducing churches.
  • Growth is not simply numeric, it’s also spiritual, financial, leadership development, and philosophy of ministry expression.
  • It will be the direct challenge to CFCM in the years ahead to cause the collective grace upon the greater body of the fellowship, to be available and experienced at the local church level.
  • Servant based leadership will be the expression we attach to a decentralized apostolic expression.
  • Team leadership will be a fundamental expression of apostolic life and ministry.
  • We desire that the fellowship at every level, increase in the spirit of submitting ourselves one to another, walking in a spirit of humility, and leading our people in living accountable, transparent lives.

Download the complete November 2006 PDF document.