Our History

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.”

Psalms 72:8

Since September of 1864 when these prophetic words of Psalm 72 were first conceived in the heart of Sir Leonard Tilley for our nation, the Dominion of Canada has been a country of destiny. God shall have dominion from sea to sea! From our nation’s birthplace along the St. Lawrence, throughout all of Canada, God wants to pour out a mighty revival to reshape our nation.

From the beginning, it has been recognized that Canada’s great diversity has always provided a great opportunity for cooperation among its different peoples. Sir George-Etienne Cartier summed it up aptly with the declaration that, “We are of different races, not to quarrel, but to work together.” The heritage of CFCM reflects this spirit of cooperation and also reveals a history of men and women reaching out to demonstrate God’s power for unity amidst diversity.

The roots of CFCM extend back to the birth of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers of Canada in February of 1969. With its head office in New Market, Ontario, the fellowship was established reflecting a rich full gospel, Pentecostal tradition. Fresh off the heels of a great healing revival, Canadian ministers began linking together to fellowship around the things of the Spirit and to strengthen one another in their service to God.

The early 1980′s brought with it a renewed desire to create a truly national body that was more active as a ministerial fellowship than Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers (FGFCM) had been in the 1970′s. In 1982, affiliation was obtained with International Convention of Faith Churches and Ministers (ICFCM), uniting together two ministry fellowships with a solid emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit and the centrality of God’s Word. With the sincerely held belief that unity in spirit and cooperation between various Christian groups was God’s will for the Church, it was believed that this move was the next step in developing an inclusive organization that would combine the strength of FGFCM in the East and ICFCM in the West.

Just as Israel was one nation with twelve tribes, so the Church of Jesus Christ is one Church with many groups. Each one plays a vital role in fulfilling the Lord’s plan for His people. The membership of ICFCM and FGFCM desired to form a truly Canadian organization with a Canadian vision to promote unity, fellowship, and strength in the Body of Christ. Therefore, in April of 1985, the two organizations officially merged to form a new Canadian fellowship operating under the name International Convention of Faith Churches and Ministers of Canada.

In 1990, to properly reflect the non-sectarian, Canadian vision that had given ICFCM of Canada its birth, the organization changed its name to Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers and finally came of age as “CFCM”. The common goals of the ministry then and now remain the same:

  1. To contend for an awakening throughout all of Canada;
  2. To strengthen each other’s hands in ministry;
  3. To stand together in our nation for the cause of Christ.

John Grieg, premier of Prince Edward Island and chairmen of the Charlottetown Conference where our nation was born, spoke truly when he said, “The hand of a far greater power than ourselves has been directing our labours.” It is often easy to remain fragmented and consumed within our own ministries however, something powerful happens when God’s people come together as one and determine to be a force for unity. While still demonstrating a heart to fellowship with all of God’s people worldwide, we believe that God has given us a strong Canadian mandate to encourage all Christian leaders to stand together in one accord from sea to shining sea.