Statement of Faith

While each member organization in CFCM is expected to prepare their own personal statement of fundamentals and beliefs, there are certain basic truths to which all of our members are expected to agree to.

In preparing the Statement of Faith and Fundamentals, CFCM has endeavoured to avoid controversial issues, which are of a more traditional nature, or are a matter of interpretation, rather than direct Biblical statements. This allows for some variance in belief as far as certain non-essentials are concerned. However, when it comes to the major doctrines of the Bible, such as the Godhead or the atonement, these doctrines are considered foundational to sound theology and members are expected to be in agreement in order to preserve the unity of the faith.

The following is the official Statement of Faith and Fundamentals of CFCM:

  1. The Bible is the inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God.
  2. There is one God, manifested in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  3. The reality of satan and that his present control over mankind does exist.
  4. Our Fellowship is based on the following:
    1. The Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His sinless life, His miracles, His vicarious and atoning death, His bodily resurrection and ascension to right hand of the Father, and His personal return in power and glory as the Kings of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
    2. The fall of man and his lost estate, which makes necessary a rebirth through the belief in, and confession of, the Lord Jesus Christ.
    3. The reconciliation of man by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    4. The resurrection of believers unto everlasting life in Heaven and of unbelievers into everlasting punishment in Hell.
    5. The present supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit as found in I Corinthians 12:11 and Hebrews 2:4 and that that ministry will continue until the Lord’s return.
    6. The Church is called to the Unity of the Faith as found in Ephesians 4:11-13.