Sponsor Recommendation Form

CFCM believes that all are sheep need to be shepherded (John 10:11). We believe that each affiliate member must have someone he or she relates to in a pastoral role. We expect the “Sponsor” to fulfill that role.

A Sponsor is accepting the fact that his/hers is a functional pastoral role with that particular person. A Sponsor must be someone of reputable Christian Character, who is in agreement with the basic philosophy of CFCM, and who is presently speaking into the applicant’s or affiliate’s life. The sponsor does not have to be a member of CFCM.

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  4. I have known the applicant as a
  5. The relationship has been
  1. Grade the following. To the best of my knowledge and judgment, the applicant is:
  2. In Christian life and testimony
  3. In ability to minister
  4. In conduct and moral attitude
  5. In accepting responsibility
  6. In meeting financial obligations
  7. In personal appearance
  8. In family relationships
  9. In physical fitness
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  2. To your knowledge, has the applicant ever been involved in heresy?
    1. I agree that in the event the applicant needs correction, I will be involved in the initial contact and will carry out the needed correction in a reasonable period of time. I agree to notify CFCM immediately should I no longer be able to sponsor the applicant.
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  2. Type "I Agree" if you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth by CFCM.
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